Empowering Smart Interactions Everywhere

Instant, Frictionless, and Secure

VitaNet introduces the new forefront of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), engineered to transform how mobile app users are identified and authenticated. Our pioneering approach is designed to facilitate seamless, secure, and instant interactions across a wide range of applications – from retail environments to secure access controls in industrial settings.

BLE Auto Pairing: Advanced Authentication

In strict terms, advanced authentication requires two pieces of information: Public information to identify a user and private information to authenticate the public information. CloudAuth achieves advanced authentication by using mobile user’s login ID as the public information and using one-time key as the private information to authenticate the login ID. CloudAuth’s advanced authentication is secure, and, yet a lot less expensive than adding biometrics authentication or IC card (something you have) authentication to your backend server(s) . CloudAuth eliminates QR code’s inherent cumbersome steps in its use. CloudAuth also works well with single sign-on (SSO), ensuring easy service expansion.
The technology is supported by our CloudAuth SDK for mobile apps and our VitaNet Station (a small appliance) installed in stores.

CloudAuth SDK: Add user authentication to your app

Once mobile app user and presence are authenticated, your mobile app can intaract with the user, including presenting micro targeted ads, coupons, and discounts.

VitaNet Station: Attach it on the wall, ceiling, or any place of your choice

No need to invest in payment kiosk, self-service cash register, credit card reader, and other traditional equipment. VitaNet leases VitaNet Station for a low monthly payment. Alternatively, you can develop your own VitaNet station based on our VitaNet Station SDK.

Benefits to Retailers

Enhanced Customer Experience
CloudAuth offers a hassle-free shopping experience by converting traditional stores into smart stores, reducing wait times, and improving overall satisfaction.

Improved Security
Advanced authentication methods ensure a secure transaction environment, building trust and confidence among users.

Increased Mobile App Use
Ease of use and the interactive shopping experience encourages customers to download and use the retailer’s mobile apps.

Better Customer Insights
Integration with mobile apps provides valuable data on shopping habits and preferences, enabling personalized marketing.

VitaNet CloudSuite IoT platform is also available

VitaNet CloudSuite is an end-to-end M2M cloud platform to manage and operate personal and industrial sensor devices. Utilizing iOS/Android terminals and/or dedicated gateway computers as a hub, your cloud server can establish secure bidirectional communication with a large number of Bluetooth IoT devices to remotely and securely control them. VitaNet Suite architecture is flexible to fulfill any of your systems requirements.