On-premise net ID authentication by mobile app

A tap in mobile app authenticates your ID

VitaNet BLE Auth does not require any user info to authenticate a net ID.

Cloud-controlled Bluetooth auto pairing technology

VitaNet’s patented technology directly authenticates user’s net ID from cloud. Biometrics authenticates people but not their net ID’s. VitaNet BLE Auth can replace biometrics and can be one element of multi factor authentication. Our SDK and APIs work well with existing business backend systems and mobile apps.

VitaNet’s SDK easily add net ID authentication capability to your app

All net activities inside your stores, including reservation, merchandise selection, and payment, can be authorized because user’s net ID and presence are authenticated.

Very small Bluetooth communication appliance can be attached on the wall, ceiling, or any place of your choice.

No need to invest in payment kiosk, self-service cash register, credit card reader, and other traditional equipment. VitaNet leases VitaNet Station for low monthly subscription. Alternatively, you can develop your own VitaNet station based on our VitaNet Station SDK.

VitaNet BLE Auth features

Authentication feature is plugged into your existing business systems with a low integration cost.

Secure cloud server specifies devices for automated pairing. it is as secure as financial transaction ready.

You can effortlessly deploy and manage a large number of VitaNet Stations with our comprehensive web interface.

Ease of use
No need to do anything other than touching smartphone screen. No user actions outside smartphone is needed.

VitaNet Suite IoT platform is also available

VitaNet Suite is an end-to-end M2M cloud platform to manage and operate personal and industrial sensor devices. Utilizing iOS/Android terminals and/or dedicated gateway computers as a hub, your cloud server can establish secure bidirectional communication with a large number of Bluetooth IoT devices to remotely and securely control them. VitaNet Suite architecture is flexible to fulfill any of your systems requirements.