Your membership app replaces machines and eliminates employee’s workload

Realizing high degree of customer satisfaction with less labour cost and less capital investment, is desired at any customer facing facilities, including stores, shops, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, museums, stadiums, public facilities, to name a few.
VitaNet BLE Auth helps your mobile app achieve the goals with a low cost monthly fee.

VitaNet CloudAuth improves your business

Ticketless Entry
Your customers can confirm their reservations or entrance tickets by just walking in to the entrance or coming to the reception desk.

Retail store self checkout
Your retail store becomes just like an EC site. Your customers build their carts, prove their existence in the store, and complete net-payment all with your membership app.

Restaurant self-order and payment
Your membership app provides the whole dining experince, reservation, order taking, and net-payment.

Smart City
The net ID authentication can be linked across facilities/areas and can enhance the whole travel experiences. Your city guide app can suggest travelers what to do next.

Smart Lock & Smart Locker
Trusted care provider can dynamically authorize opening doors for authorized personnel only when conditions met. Delivery locker can be dynamically assigned or unassigned to specific users.

Industrial access control
Cloud based centralized remote management makes your mobile app as your equipment’s control panel. Only authorized personnel can access and control your equipment.